The foundation of AmCham Koahsiung’s advocacy platform

Much of the real work of the Chamber occurs at the committee level and many of AmCham’s successes in lobbying for an improved business environment can be traced to them. The American Chamber of Commerce in Kaohsiung has set up various thematic committees to provide knowledge and professional consultation in response to the development needs, problems and business opportunities of various industries, as well as opportunities to interact with the International Chamber of Commerce community.

Each industry committee creates a Priority Issues Paper included in the annual Taiwan White Paper, which is presented to the government and the public as a summary of the current business climate in Taiwan for each specific field.

  1. Global Trade & Business

  2. Tourism & Economic Growth

  3. Energy & Sustainable Development

  4. Agriculture/Aquaculture & Fishery

  5. Technology ,Marketing & Events

  6. Public Health & Safety