Membership Benefits

Benefits of Membership

Members benefit from unique networking opportunities, advocacy, and information sharing, social and training events, and activities, provided access to a number of exclusive services and benefits not available to the general public. Our annual event will provide members with opportunities to interact with officials from the local, central government and US government.
The Chamber serves as a platform to provide members to understand and have a dialogue toward new rules and policies that may affect them, and then possibly solve important problems. The Chamber will re-publish its annual white paper, making recommendations on the problems faced by southern Taiwan, and expressing its voice for local enterprises and governments. The white paper will be sent to local and central government officials in Taiwan and US officials for reference. 
The Chamber will also publish special report documents and log them out simultaneously on the Chamber of Commerce website and Facebook to increase awareness of important issues and highlight each member and its business as well as related important milestones. Please note that all members paying the membership fees could participate in the required events with discounted benefits and only full members could attend members meeting with the right to vote.


Validity of Membership

Memberships are valid for 365 days from the day we receive your membership fee. We welcome all nationalities and industries. Meetings and events are conducted in English and Chinese with further translation provided if necessary.

Member Exclusive Program